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Today we talk meats, rowing, bodyweight workouts, and sciatic pain. A true “jack of all trades” type newsletter with something for everyone. As always, questions are much appreciated, so if you ever want your own query to be anonymously addressed, you need only ask. Let’s get to work…

Weds Edition | Apr 05, 2022

Meat Sweats

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Meat Sweats

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Session Plan:

The Warm-Up - How much fat should be in my protein?
Heavy Sets - Perfect your row and burn fat fast
Water Break  - The best collection of bodyweight training ideas
Finisher - Stop your sciatica
Cool Down - Could you pass the Navy Seal fitness test?



Meat Sweats: Lean vs Fatty

Lean vs Fatty

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Question: “How do I figure out the best balance of lean protein (chicken mostly), and fatty protein (red meat, eggs, and fish mostly) in my diet?”

Answer: The right way of looking at this might be different from person to person depending on your health and bodyweight goals, but I'd urge everyone to look at his or her diet as a whole, not just at the meat-based proteins, when making these decisions. Fat, protein, and carbohydrates all contribute to your overall caloric intake - eat in an excess and you’ll gain weight, eat in a deficit and you’ll drop it.

If you're someone who gets a majority of fat from non-meat sources (yogurts, butters, and other dairy, avocados, nuts, oils, dressings, etc. are all very high in varying degrees of "healthy fats"), you should probably aim for lower-fat protein sources such as the chicken, egg whites, white fish, or turkey.

However, fatty meats are very important, as we love to point out here at The Fresh Squeeze. High quality cuts of beef, egg yolks, and fish such as salmon are all high in saturated fats and other essential nutrients that are optimal for brain function (your brain is mostly made of saturated fats and cholesterol), heart and immune system health, and bone structure.

Ultimately, work to cut down on less-beneficial fat sources like dressings and excess oils (we talked about all the different types of oils a few weeks ago, so long-time readers rejoice!) and get that fat from whole meats instead.



Row, Row, Row Your Boat

rowing machine

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The row machine is a staple of Crossfit centers, cardio floors, and hotel gyms alike, and for every machine, there’s someone out there who could be using it better.

There is a definite skill involved in a row machine that can only be achieved through practice, but getting to this perfect rhythm does require a basic understanding of timing, and which combination of upper and lower body pushes and pulls is optimal.

And what better place to learn how to workout than the internet… the Barbell Shrugged account out of New Hampshire gives perhaps the most succinct and useful breakdown of the row machine that you’ll find in 8 minutes. And with a shade over 1500 views, this is truly an untouched gem of the internet. Finding value where no one else is looking - that’s why you pay us the big bucks.



Instagram to Follow

Instagram to follow

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@workoutsplanet on Instagram is a really solid bodyweight-only resource.

It’s a collection of posts, not one single creator, but the account provides a good mix of body/animal-flow based burners, core training, general calisthenics, and unique workout ideas.



Death, Taxes, Sciatica

Death, Taxes, Sciatica

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Sciatica is a type of pain caused by the compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. And the longer you’re alive, the higher your chances of battling this pain, which ranges from mild to acute to chronic to severe.

Part of what makes sciatica most frustrating is that given the nerve-based nature of the pain, traditional methods of relief like stretching and foam-rolling, can not only provide little help, but can even further aggravate the issues in certain cases (Foam rolling especially - please don’t try to foam roll your way through sciatic pain…or for that matter, any type of acute pain).

Improved posture, targeted strength training, and specific mobility training can all help prevent sciatic pain before it happens, but once you have it, getting rid of it can be tough - the Spine Center’s At Home Remedies can be a good place to start. 


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Quick Hitters and Weekly Wrap-Up

Quick hitters

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