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Weds Edition | Mar 09, 2022
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“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”
- Ayurvedic Proverb

National Nutrition Month
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Session Plan: 

The Warm-Up -Skip the Shake… How to fuel your body after a tough workout
Heavy Sets - We break down some of the best warm-up ideas before weight training exercises
Water Break  - Introducing Mark Bell’s The Hip Circle
Finisher - What is retro walking? And why haven’t you been doing it?
Cool Down - Happy National Nutrition Month

Happy Wednesday!

The Warm-Up

The Best Post-Workout Eats
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Nutrition Section

After finishing your last set of pushups, you sprint to the locker-room in a sweat and grab a shaker bottle. Although the hard work is done, the worst part is just beginning as you plug your nose and have to gulp down a chunky and chalky “chocolate” protein shake.

If this rings a bell, fear not - there is an easier way. You see, the idea of a “post-workout window” to chug a protein shake or eat a power bar is an idea primarily propagated by the people selling protein shakes and power bars. In reality, you probably don’t need to have such an extreme level of urgency.

When we work out, glycogen levels are depleted by exercise, meaning that carbs (which replenish these levels), not protein, are paramount after intense exertion. Quickly replenishing these glycogen stores can lead to improved muscle recovery, fat loss, and muscle building.

For most people, the simplest and easiest carbohydrate after a workout can be a piece of fruit, but other readily-available examples include white rice, fruit juices, or chocolate milk. Once these glycogen levels have been restored, focus on eating a whole food-based meal within an hour or two that has the right mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and you’ll be well on your way.


Heavy Sets 

Building a Warm-Up Routine
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Movement Section

Before a long run, a weight-training session, or a weekend game of basketball with friends, a good warm-up can not only improve performance, but also can be the difference between having an injury-free day or not.

The goals of any warm-up are to help improve performance and decrease injury risk by improving blood flow, increasing overall body temperature, and mentally preparing for the task at hand. Various static stretches, foam rolling, and light cardio exercises are great ways to get moving. For more intense exercises ahead, the next layer might include more dynamic warmups, specific muscle activations (see The Hip Circle section below, or the section on Retro Walking further below that), mobility training to unlock full ranges of motion, and even light exercises to start working through muscle patterning and specific movements with very easy weights.

10-15 minutes might be all that it takes to get your mind and body in the right state to workout, but this time could be the most valuable time spent when it comes to longevity in the gym.

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Water Break  

The Hip Circle
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Weekly Recommendations

The Hip Circle, popularized and sold by the famous ex-powerlifter Mark Bell, is a tool used by novice lifters and elite athletes alike.

In a dynamic warm-up, the Hip Circle is ideal for activating hip and glute muscles before intense movement. When worn during squatting, the tool trains athletes to drive their knees out for a more optimal positioning. Either way, there are much worse ways to spend $22 if you’re looking for ways to work the lower body.



Retro Walking
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Senior Section

While it may look crazy at first, retro walking, or simply walking in reverse on a treadmill, is a very effective and underutilized tool. This technique has been a staple of physical therapy programs for years, proving to be an effective rehabilitation method for lower body injuries, used to improve gait, knee/hip/ankle range of motion, overall lower body mobility, balance, and strength.

But why wait for a knee injury, or a physical therapist, or lower body imbalance before you unlock the benefits of retro walking? It’s an overgeneralization for sure, but most movements in reverse provide an added emphasis on deceleration, mind-muscle connection and muscular control, and injury prevention. Many elite athletes train “in reverse” for years and years to experience these benefits, but most general populations wait until things are completely broken at the age of 60 and 70 before turning things around (pun intended).

It is also a great way to prep and prime the body for more intense physical activity. Five minutes of reverse walking on an inclined treadmill before exercise can do more for the body than what most are currently doing.


Cool Down

Best Nutrition Apps
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Quick Hitters and Weekly Wrap-Up

Did You Know that March is National Nutrition Month? People are urged to “celebrate” healthy nutrition not only by eating healthy, but also by tasting and testing foods from different cultures to celebrate a world of flavors.

“Get off that damn phone!” unless its to check out one of these 10 Best Nutrition Apps

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Presented and Edited By: Mickey Adams & Lizzie DeVito

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