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Weds Edition | Feb 23, 2022
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There was once a young man who went up to a very strict coach and asked, “Can you teach me everything there is to know about fitness while I stand on this one foot?”

The coach responded to him, “No. You don’t have any experience—you’ll need three sessions a week until the day you die.”

The young man, still looking for an answer, asks the same question to a different, more understanding coach, who answers: “Move. The rest is just interpretation. But keep standing on one foot, that’s a good start.”

We hope you enjoyed this parable, which is actually a fitness-adjusted rendition of a Jewish teaching. But which coach was correct?

The Greatest Debate
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Session Plan: 

The Warm-Up - Prepare to get riled up, we’re talking red meat
Heavy Sets - How elevating your heels can unlock a whole new squat pattern
Water Break  - Which vitamin supplements actually “work”?
Finisher - Joan MacDonald and proving that fitness has no age limit
Cool Down - Rest in peace to a hero in the world of health, Dr. Paul Farmer

Happy Wednesday!

The Warm-Up

Read meat good or bad
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Nutrition Section

Nothing leads to more confusion than trying to label an entire food as completely “good” or completely “bad,” and nothing gets more debated and labeled in nutritional circles than red meat. Check out the screenshot of a Google search for “Red Meat and Brain Function.” Ahh, confusion!

So how do I figure out whether to grill up a filet to medium rare for dinner tonight, or swear off meat completely? Here’s a quick and easy 3-4 step plan to help your decision making.

Step 1: Make up your mind on the matter with as little thought as possible.
Step 2: Build an echo-chamber in which you only absorb content that confirms your bias and decision from Step 1. Red-meat lovers might flock to the work of Stan Efferding, inventor of the Vertical Diet, while the other side might cite the work of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, one of the world’s more renowned vegan activists.
Step 3: Feel really good about your decision from Step 1.

And if you’re feeling up to the challenge, Step 4: Go back to Step 2, spend more time learning the counter-argument to your initial decision, and make an educated choice based on what is best for your own goals and needs, understanding that not everyone has to share the same lifestyle.


Heavy Sets 

Heel raised squats
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Movement Section

A lot of people in the gym you’ll see slide a plate underneath his or her feet while squatting. Is this “hack” a productive way to enhance your range of motion and maintain an upright torso, or is cheating while reinforcing dangerous movement patterns? I’d say it’s the former.

A lot of people lack the mobility (hip and ankle) to squat to a full depth and drive the knees out over the toes during this movement. What ends up happening is our torso, and upper body, breaks forward, and our chests drop to be far too parallel to the ground. Elevating the heels can manufacture the ankle mobility that is necessary to achieve a more perfect squat, with a deeper range of motion with an upright torso. This is not an excuse to never attempt to improve my mobility, but rather a very easy solution to my current problems, as I work long term to address the deeper mobility issues.


Water Break  

Scorecard Supplements
Photo by Anna from pexels

Weekly Recommendations

Do you find yourself with a few hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket every month and the urge to go blow it all on multivitamins?

Harvard Medical School (a reputable source, if I had to guess), presents Supplements: A Scorecard.

Disappointingly, our Ivy-league friends don’t actually provide scores for different supplements, but they do provide a pretty helpful rundown on which vitamin supplements may be necessary, and which lack the medicinal and scientific confirmation to gain the elusive “worth it” tag.

Tl:dr - Vitamin D, fiber, and certain fish oils can benefit most people.



Joan MacDonald
Photo from msnbc

Senior Section

The phrase “Fitness Influencer” is used far more frequently than it should be, but when you lose 60 pounds in four years, successfully work your way off blood-pressure medication, and build up an 80lb bench press to boot, all at the age of 76, you earn the title. Enter Joan MacDonald.

You might not be sold on going to the gym five times a week or taking progress pictures in your underwear in the mirror in your 70s, and that’s alright (especially on the underwear pictures part). The deeper message here, and the real importance of Joan’s work, is the understanding that fitness isn’t just for 23 year-olds to gatekeep. Your goal at 70 is just as, if not more important, than your goal was in your years. Life doesn’t have to be sitting on the couch, gaining weight, and physically breaking down, at any age. As Joan continues to prove, it’s never too late to get moving.


Cool Down

Vaccines bone regeneration
Photo from upi

Quick Hitters and Weekly Wrap-Up

Our Condolences to Dr. Paul Farmer. The lifelong champion for world health and co-founder of the nonprofit Partners in Health, has unexpectedly passed away at the age of 62.

Break a Leg Out There, but only if you’re vaccinated… Studies show that mRNA vaccines may lead to a boost in bone regeneration.

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Until Next week,

Mickey at TheFreshSqueeze

Presented and Edited By: Mickey Adams & Lizzie DeVito

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