02-09-2022 WEDNESDAY
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Weds Edition | Feb 09, 2022
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A quick timeline of events…

January 26th: The Fresh Squeeze links an article to the top health and fitness stocks to invest in, hyping up Peloton stock as a BUY BUY BUY (Jim Kramer voice) for 2022.

February 7th: Peloton shares spike 30% on rumors that Amazon is making a bid to acquire the company.

I’d have to check the official stats, but I do believe that call gives us the highest ROI of any once-weekly, fitness newsletter on the planet. That first one was free… but the next stock pick is gonna cost you.

Think Investment
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Session Plan: 

The Warm-Up - We compare animal proteins and plant proteins
Heavy Sets - Learning about the different types of bars in weight training
Water Break  - We look at the best fictional personal trainers Hollywood has to offer
Finisher - Exploring the link between covid and physical activity in older adults, and how we can find our way back to “normal”
Cool Down - Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time… fitness influencer sued by the great state of Texas

Happy Wednesday!

The Warm-Up

Is all protein created equally
Photo from nutritionadvance

Nutrition Section

“Is all protein created equal?” you ask yourself as you shovel down a dinner of chicken breast for the fourth time this week. Carnivore enthusiasts would say animal protein is king, while vegans and PETA would argue that you can get your fair share from tofu, beans, veggies, and the like.

Pre-existing bias aside, the answer comes down primarily to bioavailability. Simply put, protein from animal sources is found in higher amounts, has a more prolific amino acid profile, and is easier for most human beings to use, digest, and benefit from.

For some people, for ethical reasons and otherwise, this balance is impossible. Vegetarian and vegan diets are on the rise, and often touted as “healthy” alternatives to what many consider “balanced” (meat-based) diets. I will never condemn veganism - there are countless healthy, strong, muscular, and/or fit adults who prescribe to this lifestyle. However, the forcing of young adults and children into veganism, as New York City public schools have done recently, adds a wrinkle to this ethical dilemma. Simply put, children and young adults deprived of animal proteins will struggle to develop in both mind and body compared to their meat-eating counterparts. Furthermore, these school lunches, for many children, are the best chance they get at having a full meal. Apple slices and a handful of raw vegetables are not a full meal, no matter how many “healthy” boxes that may check for city officials and administrators. Be better, NYC.


Heavy Sets 

Deadlift athletes
Photo from jacktylerperformance

Movement Section

Is the deadlift the single-greatest exercise most people could be doing to increase overall strength, improve posture, burn fat, build muscle, and prevent a number of injuries? Perhaps. Is it any of these things when not done correctly? Not even close.

Most people lack the technical ability, motion patterning, or overall mobility to get into a correct position to deadlift, turning the exercise into a minefield of awful form, bent spines, and back injuries. Enter the trap bar deadlift.

The trap bar allows deadlifters to assume a more upright position with their back and chest, keeps the shoulders in a neutral position, emphasizes leg drive, and allows the lifter to pull from an elevated position to enable those with lesser mobility to still get in a great position. The trap bar makes it realllllllllllly hard (but, disclaimer, still not impossible) to mess up your deadlift, as well as packing a few punches that a traditional barbell would not.


Water Break  

Best fitness trainers
Photo from commlabindia

Weekly Recommendations

Finding the right personal trainer is tough. Luckily, we have completely fictional characters to base our hopes, dreams, and decision making around, so here’s a guide to the 12 best fitness coaches and personal trainers that Hollywood movies have to offer A very important resource to consult before dropping a few thousand real-life dollars on your own personal trainer.



coronavirus impact on seniors
Photo by Los Muertos Crew from pexels

Senior Section

A few days ago, The New York Times published an article focused on the impact that the coronavirus has had on activity levels for senior communities.

Not much to add here besides offering agreement and support when it comes to adjusting Medicare policies to cover “pre-habilitation” to help prevent age-related injuries, falls, fractures, and illnesses. Overall though, this was a thought-provoking read.


Cool Down

Brittany Dawn might be going to jail
Photo from Instagram

Quick Hitters and Weekly Wrap-Up

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 Former fitness influencer Brittany Dawn might be going to jail for allegedly scamming customers with her workout programs.

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Presented and Edited By: Mickey Adams & Lizzie DeVito

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