01-12-2021 WEDNESDAY
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Weds Edition | Jan 12, 2022
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“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

To Diet or Not to Diet
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Session Plan: 

The Warm-Up - Looking for a new diet to try in 2022?
Heavy Sets - Getting back into the gym after a bout with Covid
Water Break  - Meet the Mobility Mamba
Finisher - Understand the decline in nutrient absorption as you age
Cool Down - Top-10 best-selling books on health, fitness, and dieting

Happy Wednesday!

The Warm-Up

Top Diet Trends
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Nutrition Section

The question of going on a diet is an interesting one, without a perfect answer by any means. Certain people thrive off the restriction, rigidity, and structure that adherence to a specific diet can provide. But for others, these same benefits may actually make dieting more difficult and less sustainable.

A lot of it comes down to a genuine self-reflection about who you are and what the end goal of any “diet” might be. The fittest people in the world, the fitness models and influencers, and the professional athletes we see are more often than not meal-prepping, counting calories, and handling their diets in ways that simply are not feasible for most people. If this isn’t necessarily your end goal, it doesn’t have to be your process either.

Ultimately, success probably lies somewhere in the middle for most people. Oftentimes, the best tool may simply be education. Learn a lot about a bunch of different diet and health trends, and then start to pick and choose and trial and error what might work best for you in the long-term. And if you’re looking for a place to start, here are some top diet trends that might be popping up in 2022.


Heavy Sets 

getting back in the gym
Photo from Chris Bumstead

Movement Section

A lot of people just got covid from the holiday season and a lot of those people also set aggressive and ambitious fitness-related goals and resolutions for the New Year. If this is you, you’re in great company. Chris Bumstead, the three-time Classic Physique Olympia Champion and one of the most decorated bodybuilders in history by the age of 26 explains his quick bout with covid, and experience returning to the gym.

If Chris, with his millions of dollars of sponsorships and endorsements and his professional career to consider, can maintain his cool and composure about missing a few gym sessions, you can too.


Water Break  

The Fresh Squeeze Weekly Recommendations
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Weekly Recommendations

Dr. Jacob VanDen Meerendonk is so kind as to grace his 500k + Instagram followers with daily mobility videos as the self-proclaimed “Mobility Mamba.”

Some people like visuals. Other people like words. Dr. Jacob does an excellent job of visually showing the example he is demonstrating, but also providing the written rationale of how and why what he preaches is so important in our day to day lives. And the best part of it all is that Dr. Jacob doesn’t take every waking opportunity to pump ads or sponsored products through his page, even though he has a website with some cool stuff worth checking out.



Stress reducing nutrition
Photo from olox nutrition

Senior Section

Best parts of aging? Later bedtimes, R-rated movies, and getting to have dessert before dinner without anyone yelling at you. The worst parts? Probably reduced nutrient absorption.

Magnesium is a macronutrient that is involved in most chemical reactions in the body including protein synthesis and muscle and nerve contraction and function. A troubling trend for dietary professionals finds that as people age, magnesium levels are falling, on average, to dangerously unhealthy levels: “Three of the most common reasons magnesium insufficiency is seen in the aging population are reduced intestinal absorption, reduced bone store, and excess urinary loss," says Alex D'Elia, R.D., a functional registered dietitian in New York City.”

It’s never all doom and gloom though, as there are a number of resources available to help you understand magnesium importance and absorption, as well as how to increase it.

(Personal Endorsement: I think a magnesium supplement is one of the VERY FEW supplement pills/powders that gain the elusive “worth it” tag for everyone on the planet.)


Cool Down

Top 10 Best selling health Deals
Photo by George Milton from Pexels

Quick Hitters and Weekly Wrap-Up

Best of the Best Barbend breaks down 2021 in fitness, profiling the year’s top athletes in Strongman, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit, and Bodybuilding.

Mind-Body Connection CBS News reviews the top-10 best-selling health, fitness, and dieting books on Amazon

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Presented and Edited By: Mickey Adams & Lizzie DeVito

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