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NBC News Health Editor Dr. Madelyn Fernstorm provided her predictions on the “hot” new diet trends of 2022 and with 360 days to go, let’s see how her predictions are holding up… For others, it’s a time of more subdued reflection with friends and family. But for all, there’s usually food involved.

Water Lily Seeds – If you hadn’t heard of these yet, fear not. They’re native to India, new to America, and apparently the next big nutrient-packed addition to your diet. Good prediction.
Omnivore Eating – A mix of meats and vegetables while eating is great in both theory and practice, but I think we’re a few thousand years past this being a new trend.
Mushrooms – They’ve been on the rise in popularity as a viable meat-alternative for people choosing to go that route, but just avoid the ones growing in the woods behind your house.
Southeast Asian Flavors – Fans of Jasmine rice, garlic, ginger, and sesame seeds rejoice… it could be a big year ahead of you and your palates!
Immunity-Boosting Ingredients – A good call here from Dr. Fernstorm, as more and more emphasis has been placed on the importance of immunity over the last few months and years.
Alcohol Free Cocktails – Depending on how you felt about the article, you may or may not be ignoring the “alcohol-free” part of your next cocktail.




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