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Thurs Edition | Jan 6, 2022
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To all who have made it to today with his or her resolution still intact, congratulations. To those who didn’t, better luck next year.

Keep busting out the tupperware for the weekly meal preps, get excited to make some new sweat-buddies with all the new faces at the gym, and check out today’s edition of The Fresh Squeeze.

Happy New Year!

New year fitness resolution
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Session Plan: 

The Warm-Up - We break down the breakdown of the top healthy trends to look for in 2022
Heavy Sets - Introducing supersets and how to level up your training in the new year
Water Break  - Find out which food-tracking app is right for you
Finisher - Hips don’t lie…The importance of hip training in your strength and mobility endeavors as we age
Cool Down - What’s the biggest motivator that has helped people avoid skipping workouts?

It's a New Year!

The Warm-Up

Hot new diet trends
Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Nutrition Section

NBC News Health Editor Dr. Madelyn Fernstorm provided her predictions on the “hot” new diet trends of 2022 and with 360 days to go, let’s see how her predictions are holding up.. For others, it’s a time of more subdued reflection with friends and family. But for all, there’s usually food involved.

Water Lily Seeds - If you hadn’t heard of these yet, fear not. They’re native to India, new to America, and apparently the next big nutrient-packed addition to your diet. Good prediction.
Omnivore Eating - A mix of meats and vegetables while eating is great in both theory and practice, but I think we’re a few thousand years past this being a new trend.
Mushrooms - They’ve been on the rise in popularity as a viable meat-alternative for people choosing to go that route, but just avoid the ones growing in the woods behind your house.
Southeast Asian Flavors - Fans of Jasmine rice, garlic, ginger, and sesame seeds rejoice…it could be a big year ahead of you and your palates!
Immunity-Boosting Ingredients - A good call here from Dr. Fernstorm, as more and more emphasis has been placed on the importance of immunity over the last few months and years.
Alcohol Free Cocktails - Depending on how you felt about the article, you may or may not be ignoring the “alcohol-free” part of your next cocktail.


Heavy Sets 

Using supersets in workouts
Photo from menshealth

Movement Section

One of the easiest ways to stay committed to your time in the gym is to be ruthlessly efficient and intentional with that time. And one of the easiest ways to be ruthlessly efficient and intentional with your time is to deploy supersets.

Men’s Health provides a great introduction to supersets - what they are, how and when to use them, and the benefits that come from them. In short, a superset is done when you perform exercises back to back, with little to no rest in between. For men and women alike, supersets are a valuable tool to stack together important movements that can speed up your lift.

At worst, a superset can help expedite your workout while adding a tiny bit of intensity. But at best, supersets can be built into your program to enhance strength and muscle development, train complementary or contradictory muscle groups in the same workout, increase the volume of your training, and even kick-start fat-loss mechanisms as a way of incinerating calories.

Some people have 3 hours a day to workout, and spend that time scrolling through Twitter or work emails as they take 8 minute rests between sets. For everyone else, supersets are a great place to start.


Water Break  

Track calories
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Weekly Recommendations

For dieters, resolutioners, and fitness fanatics alike, calorie-counting and food-tracking has become more and more prevalent and accessible given the omnipresence of smart phones. For anyone without an app looking to try one out, here’s a review of the top options available for download.



Train for longevity
Photo from parcliving

Senior Section

What are the two (arguably) most important parts of your body to train when it comes to longevity and health?

If you need a hint, they’re also two of the least trained parts of the body…If you guessed hips and core, you win the prize of The Fresh Squeeze next week, delivered to your inbox free of charge!

As we age, the hips and the core become the figurative backbones of strength, mobility, balance, and overall movement. But, short of the occasional sit-up in gym class, very little emphasis is placed on training the core. Even less so, the hips.

Healthine offers a dive into some hip-strengthening strategies to increase strength, improve mobility, avoid injury, and much more. And this is not to say focusing on the hips is only something we can embrace after the age of retirement…you’re never too young or old to start strengthening the hips.


Cool Down

penny for thoughts
Photo from nytimes

Quick Hitters and Weekly Wrap-Up

Penny for Your Thoughts…and your Workout Among other options, a nine-cent reward was found to be the most motivating way to get people back into the gym after a missed workout. How hard would you work for less than a dime?

The Good Old Days Did you know that Americans, on average, consume almost 500 more calories per day than we did back in the 1960s?

Hitting the Gym in 2022? Let us know any questions you may have about your own fitness journey in the new year.

Our newsletter thrives off our readers, so please feel free to engage with anything you find interesting, ask questions, shoot us an email - today@thefreshsqueeze.com, or share this with your friends to help us grow our subscribers list!


Until Next week,

Mickey at TheFreshSqueeze

Presented and Edited By: Mickey Adams & Lizzie DeVito

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