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         Wednesday Edition | July 8, 2020

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  • Taking care of your foot foundation
    Fun fact: almost 1/3 of the bones in the human body are in your feet. Second (less) fun (and not really a) fact: You’re probably not doing enough to take care of your feet.


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    Foot injuries take so long to heal because there are so many tiny bones down there, and without major arteries pumping in the area, the recovery process can be very slow. A bad foot is like a crack in the foundation of your house, and without proper care or attention, this can manifest itself as aches, pains, and injuries all over the body. A healthy body starts in the foot.

    I hate the idea of a “health hack” so lets call this by some other name, but go invest in a lacrosse ball for $2, and make the daily habit of standing on it and rolling the bottom of your foot around. Check out this quick video and explanation of how to use a lacrosse ball to relieve tension in your feet. Get stronger, run faster, build more resilient feet and ankles, and relieve tension and stress all throughout your body — pretty cheap and easy solution to a world of problems. And what better time than now, with all this free time you have?

    How to release your feet

  • ?️Podcast Review
  • Accessible fitness for new moms
    Biceps After Babies” by Amber Brueseke. Check out her full website here.

    Amber’s weekly podcast is a great find for anyone looking for fitness tips, nutritional advice, or mindset training. She set out on a mission to make certain fitness concepts accessible and understandable for new mothers, a demographic for whom health and fitness can get really tough given the physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes that come with having a kid.

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    My “at-home” workouts have been mostly normal push-ups. I’ve made awesome progress with them, but am getting a little bored. Any ideas?

    Here’s a website with 82 pushup variations. Here’s another one, a bit more advanced, with 20 more.

    Until tomorrow,
    Mickey @ TheFreshSqueeze


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